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Stand with the children of targeted activists!

For my birthday, join me & help children not only survive but thrive despite the targeting their families experienced. Donate to the Rosenberg Fund for Children today to stand with kids whose parents face harassment, arrest, violence or other repression


$215 towards $500

As many of you know, in November of 2020 I started a new job as the Granting Coordinator for the Rosenberg Fund for Children. As the Granting Coordinator, I have begun to build relationships with some of the 70+ families of targeted activists the RFC currently supports. I’ve shared in their pride when their children improve academically because of the tutoring they used their RFC funds for, I’ve shared in their excitement when their children thrive on their sports team or excel in their music lessons, and I’ve shared in their celebration when they were finally able to leave sanctuary. Most importantly, I’ve been inspired by their commitment to fighting for a better world for all of us.

But I’ve also shared in their pain. I’ve heard stories of the targeting they have faced, I have felt hopeless as the pandemic forced some of our families from their homes, and I’ve felt angry at the prison system and detention centers that have taken parents from their children.

As more individuals fight to create a more just world, more of their families will need our support. That is why this year for my birthday I’ve decided to reach out to friends and family to invite you to join me in supporting this amazing organization. By donating to the RFC, we can help ensure kids whose parents have been targeted because of their activism can attend summer camp or hire a tutor or receive therapy or attend a dance program or participate in other activities that allow them to have fun, process their experiences and heal.

This fundraiser gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for fundraising with my new found commitment to the children of targeted activists. It would mean the world to me if you would please consider making a donation, or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family. Thank you for your continued support of my fundraising efforts, and thank you for supporting the children of targeted activists who have come to have a special place in my heart.